CARE Campus Training Programme

Care for carers

Helping an older person: a role in its own right, including advice and support.

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Introduction to caregiving for older adults

This course serves as an introduction to care and support for older adults, senior citizens, and the elderly. Together we can help deliver personalized caregiving, helping citizens age well and with dignity.

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Supporting older adult personal care and independence (PART 1 of 2)

This course details the mindset and important practices associated with giving care. With instruction on how to provide assistance in bathing, showering, and use of toilet facilties, we can inspire quality caregiving in intimate spaces.

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Supporting older adult personal care and independence (PART 2 of 2)

This course illustrates best practices associated with everyday assistive caregiving, from daily grooming, mobility, and support around the home.

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Age related diseases and disorders

This course explores a range of diseases, disorders and conditions that we may encounter as we age, and how it can look when an older adult has more than one medical condition, known as comorbidities.

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Promotion of healthy ageing

Learn how to promote active and healthy ageing when caring for an older adult. Explore lifestyle-related factors and their role in the prevention of diseases and disorders in old age.

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The dynamics of population change – You are not alone

You will learn about the development of population structure and the main factors which influence it, fertility and mortality.

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Nutrition in ageing

Learn the fundamentals of nutrition for healthy ageing and enhance your care practice.

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