Care for carers

Helping an older person: a role in its own right, including advice and support.
(The course is currently closed but will re-run again in 2019)

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About this course

This course is entended for anyone engaged in a care relationship with older people in disability or dependency situations, whether formal or informal caregivers. This module is part of Care Campus, a unique partner ship of academic institutions companies cities and governemental agencies that aim to improve the quality of care of older citizens in Europe. This is a 4 modules self paced interactive course. The general goal of this module is to enable caregivers to continue carying out their carers role, by taking care of themselves and of the relationship. This course provide knowledge on the carer’s role and the care relationship, their potential impact on wellbeing, quality of life but also physical and mental health. It delivers key informations on the way to recognize and prevent stress, but also to reduce the risk of exhaustion and social isolation. Counselling is provided on time management and life-balance, as well as on finding help and support in your health care system.

At the end of this course you will be able to :

  • Recognize the caracteristics of the carerelationship and the carer’s role
  • Understand the potential consequences of this role on health and well being
  • Reflect on strategies to prevent stress and exhaustion, and to better assume this role in preserving your filfe balance
  • Find professional help in your own health care system and to build your own resource pack in order to maintain your role

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