Introduction to caregiving for older adults

This course serves as an introduction to care and support for older adults, senior citizens, and the elderly. Together we can help deliver personalized caregiving, helping citizens age well and with dignity.

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About this course

If you are currently a caregiver or if you expect to become one, you'll want to learn more about supporting the care needs of older adults. This course was designed specifically for you!

This course is one of several that were developed to offer the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in a role as a caretaker to an older adult. This is a four-part, self-paced interactive course that offers an introduction to caregiving and is designed to complement other courses we offer.

What you'll learn

  • Who caregivers are and what role they play
  • Adults who need care and the process of aging
  • The social and emotional needs of an older adult
  • How to keep an older adult - and yourself - safe

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